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Matt Jezreel Valley

Matt Dickerson: View of Jezreel Valley from Megiddo

This website is committed to celebrating the Land of Israel and the Jewish people; sharing every good and noteworthy aspect and encouraging the world to invest its heart into a Promised Land and a chosen people.

The founders of this website are Gentiles and unabashed believers in a Jew, who 2,000 years ago made the claim of Messiah. Our mission is to inform and inspire, not to proselytize.

Steve Ten Boom Tree

Steve Spillman: Yad Vashem, Ten Boom Tree

Why as ‘goyim’ (non-Jewish) do we care? Rather than quietly tolerate the mild (and not-so-mild) anti-Semitism too often arising in the Christian world, as reflected in British journalist William Norman Ewer’s epigram, “How odd of God to choose the Jews.”

We stand rather, with Cecil Brown:
“But not so odd, as those who choose, a Jewish God, yet spurn the Jews.”

We choose the Jewish God – He chose a land and a people; we stand with Him and we stand with them.