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Posted by on Aug 27, 2013 in People | 0 comments

In the global race for Health Care Efficiency, Israel comes up Fourth

In the global race for Health Care Efficiency, Israel comes up Fourth

Asian countries claim top three spots; at #4 Israelis have longest life span in Middle East and all of Africa

In a new ranking of countries with the most efficient health care, Israel came in fourth, while the US ranked in 46th position.

The data was researched by Bloomberg, and countries were ranked based on three particular criterias: life expectancy; relative per capita cost of health care (percentage of GDP per capita); and the absolute per capita cost of health care (expenditures covering preventive and curative services, family planning, nutrition, emergency aid).

The countries included had to have populations of at least five million, life expectancy of at least 70 years and GDP per capita of at least $5,000.

Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan took the top three spots in the rankings. With Israel’s life expectancy at 81.8 years, and health care costs per capita calculated at $2,426 (or approximately NIS 8,800), Israel finishes in fourth place globally.

Other rankings include The UK at 14th, Canada 17th, Iran 45th, and the United States 46th.

In terms of life span, it was highlighted that Israel has the longest life span in the Middle East and Africa. Israelis also have the 12th longest retirement globally with it lasting an average of 17.81 years.

How did America do?  By comparison, Americans have a life expectancy of 78.6 years and spend $8,608 (NIS 31,100) in health care costs per capita.  With all the technology, talent, and resources at their disposal, this is rather disappointing.

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